The Nurtured Soul VIP Day

The Ultimate Healing, Pampering and
Therapy Indulgence for Women

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  • FINALLY, Give Back to Yourself  for Everything You Give Out to Others!

  • Allow Yourself to be Treated as the Goddess You Are!
  • Delight ALL Your Senses!
  • Bliss Out in Profound Relaxation
  • Let Your Inner Child Play!

Nurture your SOUL and Nurture ALL your Senses with this TOTALLY-UNIQUE 5-STAR HEALING EXPERIENCE

The Benefits of Your VIP Day

  • Enjoy the Ultimate 5 Star Experience of BLISS in this picturesque Lakeside Cottage Retreat on the outskirts of Melbourne.
  • Designed exclusively to Nurture the Soul of a woman like you, who frequently gives out far more than she receives back energetically, or who may feel unrecognized and unappreciated in her work or family
  • Receive all the nurturing your Soul has been craving and clear out old emotional, mental and spiritual energetic blocks
  • Be treated as the Goddess you are and feel your inner beauty shine
  • Immerse ALL your senses in beauty, indulgence and pampering – with a major dose of decadence!
  • Delight in world-class gourmet food
  • Experience profound levels of relaxation and stress release with Michelle Mayur’s skillfully-crafted combination of  healing therapies
  • Time to let your inner child out to play, explore, have fun and experience joy
  • Leave the rest of the world far behind and replenish your energy
  • Experience a totally unique combination of healing therapies, based on Michelle’s 16 years of professional healing practice
  • Enjoy far-reaching beneficial healing effects for your body, mind and spirit that will continue long after the VIP Day is over
  • BONUS take home  Hypnosis CDs and other surprise goodies for your self-nurturing


How Deeply Nurtured, Pampered and Relaxed can YOU feel in just 1 day?

Find out with international healer Michelle Mayur’s VIP Day near Melbourne for 1 – 3 people, including:

  • Personal Attention all day 9.00am – 5.00pm
  • Luxurious Lakeside Cottage Retreat set in 5 acres of divinely-inspired, landscaped gardens
  • ‘Wow Factor’ Gourmet Food for tastebud ecstasy
  • Deep Stress Release Hypnotherapy
  • Spiritual Healing for the SOUL
  • Aromatherapy Relaxation Massage with Sacred Egyptian oils
  • Reiki Chakra Clearing and balancing
  • Huge Double Spa Bath to bubble your cares away
  • Guided Meditation & tranquil garden walks
  • Inner Child Therapy
  • Flowers, music and aromatherapy background oils to delight the senses.
  • Flexibility to cater for your individual needs
  • BONUS Rainforest Relaxation & Inner Child Therapy CDs to take home, plus other surprise goodies…

VIP Day for 1 – Your Ultimate Soul Healing Indulgence:

  • The Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience of absolute Soul  Nurturing and profound Stress Release that will leave you feeling divinely-tranquil with a soul-level enduring sense of inner peace.
  • Experience old emotional and mental energetic ‘garbage’ just melting away, permanently
  • Customised Healing Therapies for YOUR specific requirements
  • Flexibility to suit YOUR needs
  • Optional pickup and drop-off from the venue may be possible
  • Makes a Special Gift for you or a loved one
  • The wonderful memories will stay with you forever
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VIP Day for 2 or 3 Women – Enjoy Your Indulgence with Your Best Friends!

  • The more budget-conscious choice, but still with profound and enduring Soul Nurturing Benefits
  • Group Deep Stress Release Hypnotherapy
  • Group Inner Child Therapy
  • Group Meditation
  • Individual Therapy choices of two of Aromatherapy Massage, Spiritual Healing, Reiki and Chakra Balancing
  • Extra time to unwind and chat in the spa or stroll in the magical gardens
  • Makes a Fabulous Gift for someone special, especially YOU!
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VIP Day for more than 3 Women

  • Let me tailor-make a package to your personal requirements, my venue or yours



  • Extend your stay overnight or longer in this idyllic retreat

What You DON’T Get:

  • Having your own needs ignored or compromised!
  • Loved ones or colleagues trying to drain your energy
  • Noisy children
  • Mobile phones ringing
  • Interference from the outside world


Don’t Wait a Moment Longer…


Take a Closer Look at Just Some of What is
Included in Your VIP Day:

Spiritual Healing & Reiki

Channelled energy from a higher source of unconditional love is used in various forms of hands-on healing work, such as Spiritual Healing and Reiki to completely harmonise your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional bodies. This allows and grounds more of the essential life force within you to activate your own innate healing resources. As deeply held energetic blocks are released at these multiple levels there is the potential for improved health, higher levels of energy and vitality, reduced stress, more joy and love of living, heightened creativity, improved relationships and increased mental clarity and focus, to name but a few of the benefits.  Michelle has been a Reiki Master for 14 years.

‘Wow Factor’ Gourmet Food

Feed the Soul. Tempt the Goddess in you with heavenly creations to tantalise your eyes and make your tastebuds zing with delight. A wonderful balance of fresh and healthy, as well as purely decadent selections. Be divinely-spoiled with morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. How does relaxing in the double spa with your gourmet afternoon tea sound?  Weather permitting, you may elect to dine in the beautiful gazebo next to the lake or elsewhere in the stunning 5 acre gardens or just stay in the coziness of the cottage. Menus will vary according to seasonal produce and the menu will not be the same as the photo. Special dietary requirements are also catered for.


Hypnotherapy is a marvellous tool to bypass the conscious critical analytical mind to make profound changes in beliefs at a subconscious level. Hypnosis is a safe modality and has been practised for hundreds of years. Although similar to sleep, the body remains awake and the subconscious mind is highly receptive to positive suggestions. It can be likened to a state of focussed concentration for the subconscious mind. It is unbeatable for releasing deeply held stress and trauma at physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Michelle is on the Australian National Register of Hypnotherapists.

Aromatherapy Relaxation Massage with Sacred Egyptian Oils

Bliss out with a profoundly relaxing aromatherapy relaxation massage to promote a feeling of well-being and to rebalance the body’s natural energy flow. This full body massage combats fatigue, tension in both mind and body, as well as relieving aches and pains.  Michelle also uses sacred Egyptian aromatherapy oils, such as Pure Rose, Spiritual Love, Healing of the Soul and Isis, which she  imports directly from a world-renowned healer in Luxor, Egypt.


Chakra Balancing with Sacred Egyptian Chakra Oils

Chakras are spinning vortices of energy, with the main chakras along the midline of the body. When they become sluggish, blocked or out of balance the organs of the body corresponding to those chakras are also adversely affected, leaving you feeling physically or emotionally unwell. Rebalancing your chakras by combining Reiki and rare sacred Egyptian Chakra Oils will leave you feeling lighter, more balanced and buzzing with energy and vitality.



Michelle will assist you in experiencing divinely-guided meditations to soothe heart and soul, allowing you to feel truly nurtured and safe. She has a natural gift for allowing the words to flow through her of exactly what you most need to hear for profound soul nurturing and healing. Weather permitting, the meditation may take place in the fabulous garden and lakeside setting.


Inner Child Therapy

Michelle will be taking you through a powerful process to meet one of your inner child parts and to establish a healing resolution with that part. In addition she will be giving you her Inner Child Therapy CD for at home use to continue to heal and resolve your past.We are composed of many parts from our childhood, some happy and some sad. The beliefs and patterns we subconsciously established as children continue to affect our behaviour as adults and may cause us much frustration in being unable to break free from old patterns, despite our conscious attempts. Wounded child parts may be responsible for such behaviours as comfort eating for protection, attracting abusive relationships and low self-esteem.

Music, Aromatherapy Oils and Flowers

Soothe your Soul with Michelle’s carefully-chosen blend of purely beautiful relaxation music. Gentle background aromatherapy oils will entice you into a deeper state of inner peace and calm. The myriad flowers in these magical gardens will fill your senses will wonderful perfumes and colours. Stroll through the magnificent gardens as you wish.


So What Are You Waiting For?


Want to learn more?

Use the Contact Form or phone  Michelle Mayur Tel: 03 9888 0138

Australian National Register of Hypnotherapists
Reiki Master
Retreat and spiritual tour facilitator
16 years in private practice at
International speaker and author
The Healer for Healers

Actual Venue Photos

This is an alcohol-free event so you can derive full benefits from your VIP Day Experience.
Smoking is not permitted inside the cottage.

* The Journey Home intro music comes courtesy of Aleya Dao and Barry Golstein from  their album Awaken, which can be purchased at